Friday, October 07, 2005

The LIC Despondency

My LIC premium payment is adding vexation to my already troubled scheme of things. The photo copies of my previous bills have yet to arrive and without it I can't manually register for HDFC's BillPay facility. After dashing a mail to HDFC Bank support, I received a reply which redirected me to an online BillPay registration site. Registered. But anxiety was in no mood to spare me. BillPay will be activated only after 7 weeks. There are also indications that the HDFC guys make an exception for LIC, which causes a further delay!
I'll be hunting for an LIC office tomorrow to make the payment manually. The Bangalorean landscape is largely unknown to me and I'm totally unaware of the bus routes. I'm sure the autos will take me for a ride.

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