Saturday, October 08, 2005

A premium too high

So I finally embarked upon the intimidating task of locating an LIC office. The official site lists addresses devoid of road numbers, pin codes and phone numbers. As such, the addresses weren't really as helpful.
Knowing that there was an office in JP Nagar 1st Phase, I set out at 10 in the morning and walked my way towards what I imagined would be the required phase. I overshot by a whisker and asked people for directions. And directions I got...all sorts of them! In desperation I began redoubting my understanding of 'right' and 'left'. Thankfully I managed to overcome my perplexity when I accidentally came across the elusive LIC office!
Entered the building, took the lift, filled the outstation (Pune) cheques and joined the queue. Only when I reached the payment window did I learn that outstation cheques were levied with some additional amount. So I had to fish out an additional Rs101. If the LIC coffers had a national identity, why should outstation cheques be penalized such? I wasn't using Nigerian cheques, for Pete's sake!
Anyway, paying my premium on time was a huge relief! Walked back home. Bought a blank CD-R en route.

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