Friday, October 14, 2005

The IIPM Fiasco

My take on the recent turn of events:

IIPM’s tall & lofty claims in its larger-than-life ads. are a farce and anyone but the most thickheaded can see thru its schemes.
On second thoughts, maybe IIPM can indeed teach the IIM’s a thing or two about management. After all, it did help spectacularly launch the career of a mediocre student (Arindam Choudhry) with flawless precision! That’s HR management at its best! I hope they are equally adept at crisis management!


Vivek said...

I always had my doubts about IIPM. And the recent controversy proves that I wasn't alone. Your take on it's brand of HR Management is enlightening though.

And to sample IIPM's attempts at crisis management, get a load of this .....

or this,

Deepanjan said...

'IIPM' already ranks as the second most popular search on Technorati. Speaks volumes of the power of blogosphere.

Anonymous said...

Hey Deep! Great pics of FC! So you're planning on coming back? I'm thinking of making a trip down to Bangalore some time this year as we have an office there. Anything worth seeing there?

Deepanjan said...

I'm new to Bangalore and as such couldn't really offer too many suggestions. However, the following URLs could be a great help:
You could call me @ 9886991714.