Friday, October 14, 2005

The well tampered tariff meter

As usual, I took an autorickshaw to my office this morning. The tariff meter seemed to be in a greater hurry than the rickshaw itself. I watched in horror as the meter(mechanical, not electronic) kept ticking at a furious pace. While the fare was expected to be Rs21 at the most, it shot up to Rs26.50! Great! By the way, all the mechanical meters are made in Pune!
The roads in Bangalore are a real boneshaker. By the time I reach my destination, every organ within my body seems out of place!


Vivek said...

Ye Gads! An overcharge of Rs.5 50p !! This is preposterous !

Deepanjan said...

I rot in this landscape!

Anonymous said...

That's Indian rickshaws and roads..hats off to them!