Monday, October 24, 2005

Anish Asokan, The Great

Anish has been pressing me to writing something about here I go.

There are some people who stand apart from the crowd. Beethoven, Einstein, Michelangelo, Shakespeare, yours truly, etc have all been specially endowed people. Now Anish obviously doesn't belong to our league, but that doesn't mean he is not gifted.

Anish has a way with people and people related issues. This became apparent during our early days of acquaintance. Any problem and Anish would be using his skills to navigate us out of it. Soon we got so used to him that we would be paralyzed without his presence. So we informally promoted him to our in-house HR Rep! I asked him to pursue an MBA with specialization in HR. He has been contemplating it ever since.

The other thing nice about him is that he never loses his temper or patience. We pester him with all sorts of requests, both reasonable and unreasonable, and he never declines to help. What's more, like me, he too is an occupant of the nascent blogosphere. Here's wishing this gem of a person all the best in his endeavors!


anish asokan said...

Thanks for the comments Deepanjan.Well, i extend the thanks also for the mba thing as such.

Not long ago, i was known for my hot-tempered nature- it only comes up only when a wrong or a evil-knevil plays on.It raises my anger to a level called hades!.I had several rivalries in my lifetime and looking back ,yes i won the war ,although i lost some battles!.My high school vice principal for misusing her position and her arrogance,the teacher who once asked my reason for being a student( he had to reverse everythin he said that day, and still today he still ranks me as one best student of his lifetime!).My certain classmates for doing the wrong!
Leadership-well from age of 6 , i was a leader dejuro or defacto.In high school days we had a gang "generation next" and i was gang leader.To this day, still the gang is together and best part we are still doin things in the way it should be!

But i never dreamt of a professional life nor abt a family life(girlfriend!) for i had a great dream to pursue and by my ways no gals could be impressed and i am not an impreesive flowery person!.
But things have changed and now i live to change the world according to the slogan"for the betterment of world for the virtue of good and holiness "

Deepanjan i promise u that, someday somewhere,sometime the gangster issue will b done and those in that will visit ASOKA's Hades!.It is devil of devil speaking up!.I promise u that-and it is Asoka's promise!

anish asokan said...

Commenting on this fortnight-Gutenberg issue -well i guess u r doing the correct the correct thing!.Well use ur time for the best part and time lost never comes back!

Another aspect is your regular updates on technology and scientific things- that's totally different and great!.Never leave the techno arena ,we need it and u too need it!
and by the way,Get the glasses back !
u badly need it!