Thursday, March 10, 2005

True to my words!

I've finally bunked. My Sify membership is coming in handy.


saurabh said...
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saurabh said...

So u finally know what bunkin is all about... Welcome to the CLUB pal.

Anonymous said...

Hi Deep,
A random thought just crossed my mind. Knowing that you consider anything that is Hindi, Indian or pertaining to Bollywood to be substandard, I strongly recommend you to watch the new Hindi film called Black. It is a very good film and take my word for it. Do tell me about it if you ever watch it.

Anonymous said...

Hi.This is a new entry in ur readers list.Sweta Raj from bit lalpur b section.Saurabh Vivek told me about ur diary.It was nice reading it.

Anonymous said...


Me not going to utter a word.
Me stay mum (and dad too).

(refer below for id)