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Caution: Social Amelioration Ahead

India TV catches Shakti Kapoor red handed in a sting operation, asking for sexual favours from a wannabe actress. There has been a slew of such sting operations by the Indian news media in the recent past. Kinda reminds me of the king of sting, Tarun Tejpal, CEO of I once had the good fortune of chatting with him. Great guy!


Anonymous said…
Amelioration is something to be welcomed buddy, why caution against it?.......Vivek.
Anonymous said…
oooooooppp!!!!ssssssssss the Media did it again. But whats the Use apart from the fact that India TV will now be seen in some homes. Sakti will escape as A***a G***a , Jaya , B Laxman and many others have escaped.
hope Tarun Tejpal Knows it better.
i think Tejpal should have tried his hands on the likes of shakti before moving on to the likes JAya.................. Rakesh (Sorry for not calling u on Sunday )

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