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My wristwatch has the prominence of a large clock mounted on an otherwise barren wall. Seldom have I been able to venture out without being asked by someone for the time.


Anonymous said…
O Great One!!

I implore thee to be a bit more merciful by not boring us with these insipid, day-to-day bulletins of the vapid life that you are destined to live. I plead you to either take up issues like communism, religion or such other topics so that we too can contribute to it or to write more of those beautiful passages like the one about mosquitoes in Ranchi or the description of the rainy day that you had once written about. Pleeeeeeease go beyond just one or two sentences. Looking forward to reading more of those literary masterpieces you are so famous for and the sole reason you have so many flies buzzing around this heap of garbage.
Anonymous said…
Anon: Hi!! I'm back you nincompoop. Missed me. Didn't you??

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