Monday, May 07, 2007

Prateek showed up at my place on Saturday and we spent the evening scaling the streets and overeating.

It's Manilal birthday today. Mantu leaves for New Delhi in 2 days and will be back after a week-long stay.

I've been voraciously reading The Google Story for the past two days and have been totally engrossed in it. A great read.

I've just backed up my entire blog. Blogger servers have acted cranky in the past and that was enough to give me the jitters. I was looking forward to a reliable archiving service and The Internet Archive, after having indexed and archived my blog in the distant past (when my blog was in its infancy), refused to do so any further. Repeated requests failed to elicit anything positive and I was getting rather desperate for a long term solution. For a while I thought of manually copying my posts to Yahoo! 360, one of the worst products in the Yahoo! arsenal. I finally hit upon the right solution today.

I got a big scare when the rumor mills began working overtime with the news of Microsoft approaching Yahoo! for a possible merger. What a revolting thought! I hope it's Google rather than Microsoft taking over my favorite site someday.


saurabh said...

so, which one are u using?

Deepanjan said...