A news site that describes itself as "a new blogging venture designed to bring together top online writers, journalists and commentators under a single umbrella," is scrutinizing my blog to include me as one of its contributing writers. I've been asked for a report on the traffic my site generates.

This is how the revered Cnet describes the endeavor: A group of bloggers including mainstream journalists from outlets such as CNBC, The Nation and The New York Times are banding together to strike a blow at established media and pick up some ad dollars in the process.


Sebastian said…
Send me a couple of $$$
deepanjan said…
Send me thousands of RsRsRsRsRs.
Vivek said…
Bhai, ur blog is taking u places.
Jahnvee said…
Congrats Deep! You should definitely consider it!!
deepanjan said…
The final invitation may not come as my site doesn't manage to attract a heavy traffic.
Jahnvee said…
aah...i'd be glad to visit your site every 1 minute..if that helps :)

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