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I’m in hate

The title runs contrary to other emotions surging through me, but this is no time for sweet talk. I feel embattled after 2 days of demoralizing correspondence (nay, more of soliloquy) with TTK Healthcare.

Remember the mail I had sent on Friday? It fell on deaf ears (or blind eyes). When I called up the holy cows yesterday, the tremors affected my spleen. Imagine being told more than a month after original bills are submitted that they aren’t able to proceed as 3 original bills/certificates are still awaited from my end! And when do I receive the good news? Only when I enquire why the reimbursement is taking so long! What’s more, I had submitted everything in original the hospital had given me after mom’s treatment was over. I have nothing more but photocopies.

In the course of the past 2 tumultuous days, I must have called TTK more than 5o times. 10 calls were never answered, or hung up when the automated message was being spelt or when the executive had had enough of me. 20 times I explained the entire personal calamity, only to draw a blank and being promised that a message was being forwarded to a phantom who ostensibly existed even in reality…against all odds. 10 times I probably spoke to people slightly higher up the cannibal chain. They promised to revert to me after looking into the matter. Not once did I receive a call. 5 times I was endowed with new phone numbers that proved as useless as the originals. Memory fails me as I try to recall what happened to the remaining 5. I guess I’m too awed by our astounding sense of purpose in life.

And all this was over and above the flurry of my emails infiltrating their inboxes. I received only 1 response: we need the originals. Cool!

I still don’t know what seems to be the exact problem: are they asking for original bills I never received from the hospital or have they made paper boats out of the ones I obediently submitted. It’s fairly safe to assume in the face of such congenial treatment that I’ll now remain poorer by Rs.1, 22,000. I’ve lost all hope, but I’ll fight until my ship sinks.

I’m contemplating taking my case to consumer court. Any brighter idea?


Unknown said…
This is our great Indian work culture, no one can help.Consumer court is the only option available.

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