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Dark Matter Discovered

Dark Matter, the unaccounted-for matter constituting 97% of the Universe was partly discovered yesterday. And who would have thought this will happen at my home!

Post dusk, every matter in my house was dark. The pillows were dark, the tables were dark, the computers were dark, the chairs were dark, the kitchen was dark, the buckets were dark and even Andromeda was utterly dark. Basically, everything that mattered was dark. Reason: the light-shedders and all other electrical appliances were powerless.

The ever-so-charming Mani meekly confessed having forgotten to pay the electricity bill. Ah, so the secret to our localized dark universe was unveiled! I took the opportunity to get acquainted with our fortnight-old neighbors- man, wife and 1-year-old daughter. I bribed the kid with a Kit-Kat to win her over and she readily fell for it. We are now fast friends.

Slumber-time was menacing. The weather was very humid and mosquitoes were gathering in full force. Mani unearthed some repellant coils without a stand. My sleep was interrupted in reorienting the burning tip of the coil ever 30 minutes, opening the door to let Santosh in at 5 in the morning and Sam banging at the door at half-past-6. I felt like digging his grave.

Santosh was reduced to an errand-boy in the morning. The poor chap had to commute all the way to the electricity office to clear  the due.That’s when he was told about yet another far-off office which he needed to contact to restore electricity to our place. How thoughtful! Santosh had more pressing things to attend.

Things didn’t look any brighter when I returned from office this evening. Mani showed presence of mind and replaced the missing fuse with a wire to restore electricity. Thus this post.

The Large Hadron Collider is getting ready to discover the secrets of Dark Matter. September should be the most eagerly awaited month for nuclear physicists. I wish them all the success.


Anonymous said…
The adventures of Deepanjan & his roomies. Nice read :-)

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