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From where I stand

04072008228 Stitch

Okay, it’s not exactly picturesque. These are 8 photos taken on my Nokia N72 ‘stitched’ together making the panorama. The 9th frame failed to superimpose with the vertical edges of the terminal frames (I turned too much), thus failing to complete a true 360 view.

Look carefully and you may discover something very weird!


saurabh said…
cool man :)
is "stitching" a feature or ur mobile or u used some photo editing tool???
Deepanjan said…
Powered by software. Enough tools out there.
Anonymous said…
Is it the same girl?
Anonymous said…
Dumbo, there's one girl who appears twice in the montage. I asked if they were the same or different girls dressed similarly.

Don't tell me you haven't noticed.
Deepanjan said…
I hadn't noticed! You're right, it's the same girl!

So there were two weird things, the other one being a bus with a missing rear end.

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