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Galileo, here I come!


Now that I’m already on my way to internal restructuring (without disturbing my organs), I might as well return to my first love:  star gazing.

Galileo discovered Jupiter and its 4 largest satellites using a refractor with 33x magnification. I’ve figured there’s no chance I could possibly discover something as significant as Jupiter (everything that can be discovered has been discovered by the morons who came before me who had nothing else to do), but that hasn’t demoralized me one bit. After all, just looking at the clear night sky itself can be exhilarating enough.

To assist me in the research (searching yet again), I’ll buy a telescope (pictured above) from Tejraj after the monsoon is over. When things get more serious, I’ll upgrade to more powerful refractors and reflectors.


Anonymous said…
That's more like it. I envy you for getting onto this. A telescope has been on my list for some time. I somehow convinced (myself) that the only way to get one was to use the "friends from US" channel. How much did your scope cost? How is the performance?
Deepanjan said…
I'm yet to buy it. It costs Rs.840, while the optional stand (it's really a necessity) costs Rs.435. To the best of my knowledge, Tejraj is the only Indian company that manufactures telescopes for serious astronomy. Their optical devices are used in some of India's most prominent observatories.

Having know about them since I was 13, I can strongly vouch for their products. They also stock imported telescopes, though I would suggest you use the desi STARTRACKER System as they are far more affordable and you help keep our money from going into foreign hands besides encouraging the Indian manufacturer.
Anonymous said…
An Indian manufacturer of hi-precision optical products .... great!

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