Friday, June 20, 2008

Mr.Roving Eyes

RE finds me rather intriguing. His eyes follow me without any attempted stealth. Perfectly blissful mornings are sometimes punctured by the same dumb question, in answer to which I take the shortest possible verbal route.

Evenings distill passivity to its essence. The TV is blaring away and RE watches everything in mute spectacle for hours at a stretch that extend well beyond dinner. His favorite watch would be one of those fatally boring stand-up comedies or utterly distasteful dance competitions where parents show off their wards shaking wildly to popular Bollywood beats while small-time judges with above-average time to kill indulge in whimsical melodrama and outdo each other in praising participants to the skies.

RE scales new heights in interactivity when channel surfing. Sequential hops are probably no longer as challenging as they once were, but I’ve yet to witness the miracle of his directly accessing a channel via the remote. I guess this calls for a degree of adroitness beyond his reach for now.

Perhaps in a few years…


saurabh said...

ok, now what was it??
dont post later that "Gosh! I didn’t even realize how much of high fundu english I’ve covered over the past few days."

Deepanjan said...

High Fundu Engish?!


I'm forced to cloak the identity because of obvious reasons. I've deliberately avoided elaborating other idiosyncrasies as that would give away everything.

It's hard to suppress prolonged annoyance and this post was just a subtle outburst.

saurabh said...

ok, waiting for some more... :)