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1st hand review of the iPod nano 3rd G

Form Factor: Excellent

It’s tiny, it’s sleek, it’s light, it’s irresistible.


Interface: Excellent

Apple is renowned for the ingenuity of its interfaces. I can now vouch for it. I can’t imagine a navigation that’s more intuitive than the one I’ve just witnessed. It’s perfect.


Audio Quality: Disappointing

I’m truly disappointed. How could the world go ga-ga over a product that compromises this heavily on audio quality? Am I being too much of a condescending critic? I don’t think so. My portable Sony mp3 CD player sounds far superior. I can’t forgive Apple for such contempt of the discerning listener. Wait, one doesn’t even need to be discerning to feel let down.


I don’t regret buying the iPod nano. After all, the ease of navigating through 87 hour of audio in a tiny gadget is too much to be outweighed by average fidelity. Let’s just say I’m lowering the aural bar.


Anonymous said…
The current classic generation is being crticised for its poor sound quality (sounds tinny, harsh and clinical) cause: use of the new cirrus logic DAC

The genration that really established ipod sound quality was the 5th gen video ipod with its Wolfson DAC which happens to be also used in audiophile transports and players (natural sounding, mid range is superb).

hehehe... I did my research beforehand and scoured ebay for 5th (sealed) video ipod. It is still in the US. :)

Try installing rockbox on you pod, but I reckon nano isn't supported...

Let's see if you can guess my name!!!
Deepanjan said…
Can't guess!
Please identify yourself!
Anonymous said…
abey hum hain... otherwise kaun doosra audiophile ho sakta hai :)
Deepanjan said…
Should have guessed! How foolish of me!
Very good insight though.

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