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Yahoo! Answers: A Great Hangout

It's amazing how eager people are to share their thoughts and feelings, if only you let them.

I posed 3 questions and got replies within minutes.


Which is a better place to live and work in, India or Pakistan?

  • If you are a rebel and killer soldier Pakistan.
    India if you like to worship rats and cows.
  • i have never been to either, but i think that india would probably be better.
  • ofcourse india
  • neither right now, have you been paying attention to the news?
  • if this place r both better then why do people frm pkistan /india move to other place for work.....?
  • Of course Pakistan. Hera at least God is one. Snakes and rats are animals like cats and dogs.Cows urine or any urine is dirty and impure.
    Pakistanis pray to God to save them from the torment of fire. They garnish their religious food with concentrate of rose and flowers. If drops urine falls on their clothes or body they wash it and clean it.
    Not India, because they are numerous Gods,always in doubt which one to worship. Rats and snakes are Gods here, Cows urine is sacred. Prime Minister of India spoke in a press conference that he drinks his urine everyday. Fire relieves therefore the burn their dead bodies in fire. Garnish their religious sweets with cows urine. They worship cow and wash with its urine
    So, naturally the better place to live is...........

Did you ever ditch anyone who genuinely loved you?

  • yes because i didnt feel the same way
  • There was this boy when I was pretty young, under 15 yrs. who left me a pack of doublemint chewing gum everyday. But when I saw him, I would walk the other way. I don't know why, it was very mean of me. I hope he found someone who truly loved him.
  • no but i have ditch people you like me
  • Yah. Ditch doesn't begin to describe it. It was more like a tearing, a rip. Not a fun experience to have to have.
  • hellno,
    because i felt the same way
    but if someone genuinely loved me and i didn't feel the same way, it wouldn't be fair to keep them on the hook
    i would make sure tho that there wasn't a chance for us, and then let them down easy
    you don't want to throw away something, and try to retrieve it later..might be picked up
  • Yep, I did!! I knew that he loved me alot, but also he was very controlling. After I woke up and realized this, I left him! I absolutely know he genuinely loved me, but I wouldnt take back my decision for the world. I am currently married with 2 beautiful sons, and know my decision to leave him was the right one!!!
  • ....not romantically,
    but I did ruin the life of the boy who probably understood me best and was the only person who truly cared about me at that point in my life. He always told me how great a friend I was and never had a mean word, he'd always make me feel special and would always tell me he loved me before hanging up the phone.
    I ditched him and ruined his life because his girlfriend and my "best friend" told some lies to me about things he supposedly said. At that point, I was too immature to do anything but give him the silent treatment and tell the whole grade his secrets.
    To this day, everybody who went to my middle school is convinced that he's some freak who should be avoided like a leper. My friends don't remember that it was me who made people see him this way (he was quite popular before this) and don't understand why I talk to him.
    Damn. Regrets, regrets, regrets.
    *sarcastic* thanks for bringing up those memories.
  • Yep, a girl I loved more than anything, and she loved me back,I think. we were best friends, clicked perfectly the minute we met and we as complete "soul mates" as humanly possible ,Ive never been anywhere near as close to any one else ,before or since, we could go all day without even speaking hardly ,like we could understand each others thoughts ,very little verbalising was needed.we shared each others every secret,no matter how dark or troubled, And when we became lovers it was purely natural and innocent, just the evolution of our bond...WRONG!!!! like Adam and Eve (funny her name was Eva) once we tasted that particular "fruit of knowledge" the relationship changed, we could no longer "be naked in each others sight" , which any one whose had a relationship can understand , theres just some stuff you cant share with the one that shares your bed,as openly as you do with your best friend..So we decided,it had to be just friends, however as Des Cartes pointed out ,you never step in the same river twice. ..Once a path has been chosen you cant go back to what was before,the bell cant be unrung, so we couldnt stay where we were and we couldnt go back,so all thats left is to move on..By mutually choosing to part ,we managed to save some of what had happend before .and in time Ive gotten to where she doesnt cross my mind for sometimes an hour or so ,on a good day...D*mn Im in a talkitive meloncholy mood, must be the holidays.
  • yah coz he is too possessive...i cant breath anymore

How does it feel to be loved (romantically)?

  • gr8
  • Best feeling ever. My man treats me like a princess and showers me with kisses and hugs. He tells me im beautiful every single day even when i feel like i look bad =] i love him so much <3 i cant live without him =[
  • Scary at first, then it just gets better unless something messes it up!
  • Warm, stable, unbelievable.
  • do you love your palms, does this answer yor question?
  • It's an awesome just warms u up on the inside. Makes u happy and feel good about urself too, to have someone special love you.
  • Like she/he is the only person that you want to be with, like they are the only person in the world for you, you can go out in public and be around so many attractive people but still think of your boo, and miss them. To be loved is a great feeling, you should trust each other, respect each other, share things,dreams for example, or goals. Love is great, but it honestly hurts,too.
  • the best feeling in the world. Kind of like the world can be falling apart all around u but when ur with the one u love nothing else matters. Like ur heart skips a beat when u hear their voice, and a smile appears on ur face just because u thought about them. Feels like u can hate them for one sec but love them anyway.
    Warm and fuzzy should cover it, yep.
    Best feeling ever.


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