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It's now more than 9 years since my first two email ids were created (on the same day), hosted on Yahoo! and Hotmail servers. I've come a long way since then and changed countless mailboxes.


I've promised allegiances to innumerable mail servers for now-unfathomable reasons: Rediffmail because it wasn't the ubiquitous Hotmail or Yahoo!, because it looked nerdy and macho, 123India because of POP support and multiple From addresses, Fastmail because it was nifty and worked well as a web-based client for multiple Hotmail accounts, HotPOP because it was eponymous, Gmail because the reasons were very compelling, and countess others.


I know it's a hassle for others to keep in touch with you if you constantly keep changing ids. A rolling stone, after all, gathers no moss. So I even had a mail forwarding id with BigFoot. The one thing that set my mailboxes apart from those of the others was my zero-tolerance for spam. Okay, maybe I faltered a bit during the initial days but even that was negligible compared to the crap laden inboxes of others I've seen. In fact, I used to get so worked up if a single unsolicited mail reached my mailbox, I would immediately contemplate opening a new one! It was almost an obsessive compulsive disorder.


I've mellowed down the years. I'm now more or less committed to Yahoo!, Hotmail and Gmail. I upgraded to Yahoo! Mail Plus earlier this year and I've just created 2 mailboxes for my personal domain this morning! Google Apps is fabulous and just what the doctor ordered. I'm truly in awe of how symbiotic all of Google's products work and hope Yahoo! and Microsoft learn from the precedence being set.


My protracted search for the perfect mailbox has reached fruition.


Anonymous said…
I too created my first email id on Yahoo. It's been more than 9 years and I saw many mail services come and go. But I stuck to that one single Yahoo id and am glad. I did wet my hands with and rediffmail, but that was just to taste other stuff and it convinced me all the more why Yahoo led the pack when it came to email. And then the whole gmail hoopla happened, so I created a gmail id. But nothing compares to Yahoo. Some 4 years ago I bought my own domain and gave myself an exclusive email id. Around the same time, I also bought Yahoo Plus. Yahoo email works, and their spam guard works. Period.

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