Sunday, December 30, 2007

Resolutions 2007 (How I Fared)

Here were my resolutions for 2007.

  • Space Aplenty. I've lost focus. 0/1
  • Reduce Weight. Never bothered to pay any attention to it. 0/1
  • Blogging...Must Do Less Of It. Reading...Must Do More Of It. I indeed blogged less. I read lesser. 0.5/1
  • Cooking...Must Learn Some. Nay, I didn't add to my knowledge base. 0/1
  • Procrastination...Must Stop. I didn't procrastinate procrastinating. 0/1
  • French...Gotta Learn Some. I learnt none. 0/1
  • Washing Clothes...Shake Off The Lethargy. My clothes continue to rot. 0/1
  • Expense Management...Must Be Regular. It was working initially. Once stopped, it never revived. 0.25/1
  • Editorials...Must Get Hard Copies. I didn't. 0/1
  • Weekends...Spend More Meaningfully. Didn't happen. I'm not sure if the entry of Andromeda into my life changed things for the better. 0/1

Final Score: 0.75/10 = 7.5%


There'll be no resolutions for 2008, just a fresh start.


Anonymous said...

At 7.5% you are in dire straits. So, I thought this to be reason enough to offer free, unasked for advice.

1) Get an almirah/wardrobe PLUS get a bookcase. Together, should not cost you above 6K. The returns are worth millions.

2) No idea. I too have developed a potbelly, which refuses to die of its own.

3) How about substituting reading with watching (say people), just to get over the guilt you did not read?

4) I hear you.

5) I hear you again.

6) Stop shouting in my ear.

7) Subcontract. There is no better solution on the planet. Get a househelp or (if you can afford it) give to the laundry. Househelp is preferred method. Satisfaction guaranteed or my advice back :-)

8) Hmm... what kinds of expense? Do you use excel? How about making the excel file load everytime you bootup? Also, start some regular automatic saving stuff, like say a SIP mutual fund.

9) WTF is this?

10) Get away from whirring harddisks. Join some club which sneaks out of town.

Anonymous said...

Ohoh! I messed up bg time on the first one. Shot , take 2:

1) Teles are easy to buy over the net. I nearly did but there was no one to carry it in from the US. A decent scope will cost around $400. In the meantime, do as you suggested - buy a powerful bino ($150) AND a tripod. No tripod means the bino is useless for sky watching due to hand shake. You can get binos and tripods easily in India. I don't know about scopes.

Deepanjan said...

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