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V V Busy

Work has kept me very busy over the past few days and I hope to be able to post something substantial on Sunday. My promised post on Convocation Day has been delayed beyond measure and now I've forgotten most of the happenings. I'll try to recollect as much as possible, though the details will be heavily lost on me.

And I'll make a concerted effort to get rehabilitated into the real world. The Net isn't really a great place to hang around. Time to sleep with my books again!


Anonymous said…
maybe ur antipartical is doing something else , goodluck out of the net dimention ,getting in various other dimentions .
Vivek said…
Hey anonymous, it seems you know Sam.
Anonymous said…
dimention and demented sound a lot similar he he he :)
Rob r u talkin about the routhless rot?
Anonymous said…
Did somebody mention my name?
Vivek said…
Arre nahi, I was referring to Deep's anti-particle, Sameer.
Anonymous said…
antiparticle ! , what r u doing out there,ok i might clone myself ,
ok self at work , my clone dancing to
music , my clone at nasa among those
marvelous rockets , satelites ,
my clone staring at the sky , and travelling in space , my clone breaking
code hijacking top secret sites ,
my clone scuba diving , my clone banji jumping , my clone doing exercise .

ah! my various clones , u work and let
me do all to conquer this world ,
only that i have no clones !.
i am here in reality , no idea about
the where abouts and existense of my anti partical , ooooo what a shame ,
but then let me work myself ,
and be my very best , 1 of me shall suffice to be sufficient in my time ,
in this world .

for there is only 1 earth ,
and i am only 1 human ,
present history , 1 personality .

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