Thursday, February 23, 2006

First, I lost the window seat in our office bus. That's when I discovered the joys of sitting in the cabin and getting a pseudo-panoramic view through the windshield. I just loved it! Not having to share my seat with anyone was an additional perk. But it was too good to last for long.

So now I'm the inhouse vagabond of the bus, not knowing which place to capture the next time. I hate uncertainties.


Sebastian said...

Sameer said...


deepanjan said...

Sidin writes well.

I guess I shouldn't restrict my posts to things that directly relate to my life. That way, I'll get enough food for thought.

But that would strike a very jarring note with the rest of my blog. And...where's the time to delve into such luxury?!!

So I guess it's back to square one!!