Saturday, February 18, 2006


My room is habitable! It had become unbearably dirty and was in an absolute mess. Really, it resembled a disaster zone. So I decided to stop procrastinating and do something about my ill-shaped room.

It called for an overhaul of sorts and Santosh chipped in some useful help. The luggage that lined my side of the room was moved, old bits of useless paper (bills, receipts, chits, covers...) placed in wastebags and disposed, suitcase and bag removed to the storeroom, important things placed in order, CDR's accounted for and my mattress given a much-needed sunbath. Then came the deplorable job of sweeping the floor...and I did it without so much as a grumble. Then came Santosh's useful contribution while I took a moments' rest by accessing the Net. He wiped the floor clean and put some finishing touches.

I was almost swept off my feet when I saw the clinically clean room! We promised ourselves to clean up once every week.

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