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Chef..Version 2

I couldn't have survived on burgers for dinner any longer. And time and again being given a veg puff each time I asked for a burger didn't help matters either. Apparently, the shopkeeper didn't know what a burger was...and wouldn't bother to learn either, I had to gesticulate with my fingers to let him know what I meant after the utterance didn't have the desired effect.

Continuing with the Bihari mess would be messy business. Their food is barely edible. So my only choice was to start cooking...and that's exactly what I decided to do! First things first, I bought a gas burner and some cookery.

My foray into the culinary world began the easy way, cooking myself some Top Ramen instant noodles for dinner. Fond memories came flooding in. Though I'm not exactly a tyro in cooking, my second coming needed to be carefully crafted and I daren't try experimenting with something too exotic. Cleaning the utensils is hardly entertaining though.

I hope to diversify in the months to come.


Vivek said…
It was "Top Raman" this time, try "Magga" next.
Deepanjan said…
There, u've done it again!
And it wasn't a typo, I simply hadn't bothered to go thru the spelling!
Vivek said…
Glad to have been of help.
Deepanjan said…
My spellings were always atrocious!
Anonymous said…
Oh my god..get somebody to take pictures while ur cooking..haha a worthwhile sight!

Oh btw..I'm back!! well almost. :)
Deepanjan said…
Welcome back!
Missed u dearly. Fill me in on what happened during the past few days.
Anonymous said…
And me as well!
Hey by the way, Deep, I heard Accenture is opening an office in Pune this spring. Is this true? What do you think about coming back to Pune?
Deepanjan said…
Yep, Accenture is definitely setting up shop in Pune. I would LOVE to be back in my favorite city! Let's c.

BTW, I've begun on the promised chronicle on my convocation sojourn. 2nd Feb is the first of the entries.

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