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Badri calls

The bugger is back in India after a stint in the US. I had SMSed him last night to give him my number. He called me up in the office today with an assumed tone that sounded so authentically from the Al-Qaeda camps that I hung up after the salutation.

He called up again and this time I guessed it was him playing one of his many pranks. After some goading, he confirmed. The fellow is now scouring the Indian techspace for SAP professionals and wanted me to join iGate! I called him up late night to continue with some trivia...& learnt Gurdas had recently visited Bangalore to attend to some business in IISc.

Nice to hear from one of my most enduring and endearing friends!


Vivek said…
That reminds me, howz your work with JAVA coming along?
Deepanjan said…
The Java thing is still tentative! The client may not like to include someone who has had no training in Java in the firm and no exp.
If that happens, I'm back to square one. I had to face 3 rounds of interviews by the inhouse Java team here. It went off pretty well. But convincing the client may be very difficult.
Keeping my fingers crossed!!
saurabh said…
hey, how come you never mention in ur blog when I call u???
Deepanjan said…
Call me.
It'll get blogged & flogged!

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