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A different bus

I go back home by the company bus. My usual bus didn't show up yesterday, only to be substituted by a new one. I wasn't aware of the change. What's more, 'BUS No-31' was written nowhere on the windshield of the replacement. So how was I to know that the swanky bus stalled right in front of me was my bus?
I came to know of the switch only after the bus had left! Having no alternative, I walked in the rain back home. Bangalore roads being what they are, my trousers (yeah, the same bee harbouring ones) & shoes were heavily soiled by the time I reach abode.


Vivek said…
You could've taken an auto. Or is that asking for too much?
Deepanjan said…
Autos seldom ply between Dairy Circle & JP Nagar.
Why? Beats me!
Anonymous said…
Try This:
1> Next time when you are in bus, look around and try to remember some faces.
2> See if u could locate them @ ur bus stop
3> When next time they try embark on an unknown bus, ask them "Excuse me, is it Bus No.31(or whatever)?"
Deepanjan said…
Without my glasses, I could hardly distinguish an ass from a horse. I guess you've given me another good reason to get my glasses!
Anonymous said…
Are you sure you could distinguish the men's room from ladies' room before you let go off your pants and bravely fought the horrendous bee that was threatening the very existence of mankind?
Anonymous said…
good one. I m sure deepu will go and (try to)have a second look @ that door before answerin this one.
Deepanjan said…
I'm myopic, not blind.
And the pee pots confirmed my entry into the right room!
Vivek said…
Deep's probably thinking hard right now 'bout how to have the last word again. Or maybe he won't care to post a riposte.

Anyway, Sam that was 'seriously funny'. Just imagine the situation .... lol.
Anonymous said…
Do we have any fans of 'Star Trek'? Their primary mission objective, as reiterated by the ship's captain at the start of every serial is, "to boldly go where no man has gone before."

Deep had come pretty close achieving this. Or maybe he has already achieved it.
Deepanjan said…
Deep thinks what no man has thought he's a great thinker.
But he isn't a much travelled man. So stop thinking about his expeditions in space.
Anonymous said…
I wasn't talking of space you moron. Anyway, it is time for those across the Atlantic to wake up which means that my work begins.
Deepanjan said…
U butthead, Space & Time are the two building blocks of our Universe. So an entry into the restroom also qualifies for a space travel!
Anonymous said…
u made quite an attempt with those 4 lines u left as a comment on my space..haha not bad urself!!

now u being a fool..well no comments there..and a mule..i didn't know they had pockets!
Deepanjan said…
Those 4 lines are the best of me!
Anonymous said…
Well,First of all my one sincere advice is to look at the best part of life.Never be sadistic or fell that this life is any worthful.Positive thinking is the need for the hour.There would be something good at the time.

I feel sorry for the bee sting ,but there are days when everything goes wrong and there are days when everything would be perfect(aishwarya being perfect, well i am not sue, but yes she is beautiful ,but framing her goddess or something near to it, well got to think!).
Photos have been fantastic and well there are things to learn.
The matters have been good and keep on with the blog

Anish "Asoka" Asokan
Anonymous said…
i'm glad u tried :D
Anonymous said…
Hey Anish, chill man. This Deep is one hell of a wailer. Seldom will you find him being happy or content with whatever he has. You will find his blog full of his grumbling and whining.

Don't try to console him by saying that there will be a good day. I tried doing that for 2.5 years and failed. I bet he is going to be miserable all his life and this jerk deserves it.
Sebastian said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Deepanjan said…
Sameera, you'll wail for the rest of your life for this.
Anonymous said…
Hey, why did you delete Sebastian's comment? Or did he do it himself?
Sebastian said…
my suggestion next time you go to Calcutta visit some tantrik who could perform some voodoo and rid you of all the evil spirits bringing you all this bad luck.

Your blog is becoming a chronicle of your bad luck.

Note to sameer
I did it, too many typos

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