Friday, November 18, 2005

The Cricket Match

Bangalore hosts the second cricket match tomorrow in the ongoing series between India & South Africa. Manilal is contemplating buying some tickets...although the chances of tickets being available so late in this cricket-crazed country look very bleak.
Only once had I had the opportunity of watching an international cricket match in a stadium. The match was between India & England, the venue being The Eden Gardens in Kolkata. Buada & I were so excited on our way to the venue.
India got to bat first and put on a decent score. But the Englishmen were equal to the task and thrashed our bowlers. Like many spectators, we were annoyed by our amateurish performance and decided to vacate as the match was destined to be lost, we thought.
By the time we reached home, there was a stark reversal of fate. We won! I curse myself for missing out on the events that led todramatic change.


Sebastian said...

The normal Eden Garden attitude if things are not going India's way burn everything.

BTW I tried to call you up after I received your SMS. It seems you had sent out multiple SMS so you fone was busy.

sittu said...

know what, whenever India won from a losing position, I always thought how those ppl who have left the stadium early, citing inevitable defeat, look like. well, now I know one.

deepanjan said...

Sittu...that incident taught me never to lose hope.

deepanjan said...

A fellow was on the line when you had called. You could have tried sometime later.

Vivek said...

Ahem, for once something managed to 'teach' something to Mr. know-it-all.

deepanjan said...

I'm a learner...though I jettison the junk!