Wednesday, November 02, 2005

The Guards Are Down

It came as a complete surprise to me today when I discovered that Yahoo! Groups was accessible via our office desktops.

I've added a Flickr badge to my blog. This ostensibly goes against my view of keeping blogs ultra-spartan.
Well, some flowery stuff wouldn't hurt!


Sebastian said...

are all those photographs taken by you or have you ripped them of some site

Deepanjan said...

U mean the Flickr photos? Some are mine, others have been provided by friends.

Anonymous said...

They have not been "Provided". He tricked me :)

Deepanjan said...

Hey, atleast people will now know who Sittu the silly is!
BTW, if others haven't figured it out, Sittu is the most photographed BITian in the 'stolen' snaps!