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I've finally got my PAN card.


Sebastian said…
are you sure your name is spelt right cause this is the First piece of government documentation you have got without much trouble.

Deepanjan said…
Haven't gone thru the formality of stripping the PAN card of its envelope!
Deepanjan said…
BTW, it's always a pleasure to read your posts.
Sebastian said…
ya i know about dotnetnuke its a cool thing.
Deepanjan said…
Though I support Open Source, most of their offsprings leave a lot to be desired. A majority of the projects are half-hearted and lack in spirit. Sourceforge has too much of crap, though there is no dearth of phenomenal products. My own experiments with Open Source content for my Symbian phone has been disappointing. Linux has had enough years to mature, and yet where does it stand in the enterprise? If TCO is its only selling point (as it very much seems now), its destined to be doomed. All that Microsoft has to do to up the ante is lower the cost of its own servers.

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