Friday, May 02, 2008

The browser aficionado replies

I've used Nepscape Navigator during my initial years of falling into the web. I wasn't really opinionated on browsers back then since web pages would grab all my attention. Still, differences in rendition were sometimes apparent although I never really understood why some people showed strong browser preferences. That was before I became a power user.


Things changed pretty drastically once I got the hook. I took a keen interest in the browser war and saw the fall of Netscape (felt sad) and rise of Opera and Firefox (felt happy). You may be surprised to know that I installed and ran Flock the very day it was made public (before the official launch). It's built on Firefox (thus the close resemblance) but I never really found it appealing.


You may visit my blog archive to read my perception of Flock.


Anonymous said...

I was referring to you not having blogged about Netscape stopping work on Navigator, not about Flock.

Deepanjan said...

I got that.
Navigator was never worthy of a post.

Anonymous said...

Sure doesn't look like you got it.