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These are not good times, certainly not for me. After all the trouble I've been having with Andromeda, the external hard disk decided to go bonkers when Manilal docked it to his desktop for backup. I've now lost gigabytes of mp3 files that took me months to download. I don't know what went wrong and I don't really care anymore. I've lost the will to blame.


It's good that I have enough vacation leave in stock, which I'll partly be using over the next 3 days to put things in perspective.


DELL is all set to send a systems engineer (for the 4th time in less than a month) to my place tomorrow to replace Andromeda's RAM and hard disk. I won't be fooled into expecting anything positive this time.


I'm turning pessimistic and misanthropic.


Anonymous said…
Deepanjan said…
That was then.
This is now.
I write as I observe.
Anonymous said…
STOP depressing us!
Have you not heard that HDD contents can be revived?
We will not suffer fools and especially intelligent ones.

Again, STOP depressing us.
Anonymous said…
heh heh heh, lol at gurdas^^

Chill man, Deep. Tell me what you lost, I'll download it for you.
Deepanjan said…
Viv, I've lost a huge compilation of Ella Fitzgerald's songs. But I can download it again. Thanks for the offer.

Guru, the only thing that can immediately pull me out of my depression is Osama bin Laden converting to Jainism. And I'm not too optimistic about the prospects.

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