Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Muted Trumpet

It has been a long lull. Most importantly, Andromeda is back with me. Blogging shouldn't be a problem anymore.


I feel terrible about being very hard on some folks in the past few days. I seldom lose my temper, but adverse conditions conspired against me and I feel cheaply. When I realized my folly, I was quick to apologize though.

Still, the 'fit of hysteria' was most uncalled for. I sincerely regret it.


I miss Mantu.


Achievement of the day: 1 more pair of designer briefs added to my already impressive collection. When will I stop!


saurabh said...

designer briefs like what? crotchless???
ha ha ha... ROTFL... :D

Anonymous said...

^^ha ha ha ha ........ imagine. OK, DON'T imagine.