Friday, April 04, 2008


I was expecting a Get Well Soon kinda treatment from nature. Instead, I'm all set for Resurrection.

This is the ultimate in solitude. Our dwelling, which is normally teeming with people and noise, was vacant most of the day. This was a rare oportunity for me to rediscover the bliss of solitude. It felt amazing.

To take matters to an extreme, there was a power cut when heavy rains lashed against the earth in the afternoon. So no Internet, no TV, no Diskman (I'm yet to find a replacement battery), no one to talk to and no Andromeda! I went out in the rain to buy myself a loaf of bread and some eggs.

Cooking done, I sat in front of the passive TV and dug into my mid-day meal. I caught my reflection on the screen. Though it was more engaging than the Hindi soaps that have a stranglehold over the rest of the occupants, it wasn't enough. I moved to the next room, into the pages of TOI.

Lunch was long over by the time power was restored. Thus this post.

I'll have little or no access to this computer over the next few days. Blogging may not be possible during this period.

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