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A first: I have a headache...a really bad one.

I wanted to write something on falling sick (I've fallen into one today after many years today!) since long. Now that the condition is authentic, I'll too sick to write! Maybe I can pile up the memories by this weekend and commit them all to my blog. But that's only if lethargy and a hurting head don't get the better of me.


Anonymous said…
I hope you're feeling better today! Sorry by the time I got ur one liner msg I had snoozed off. How've u been? it's been forever since we talked! well guess what..I met Zoya when I visited Toronto in Feb :) It was wonderful meeting her. As far as new events at my end, well too much has been happening..the best part is tht the Spring is just beginning up north here and it's almost mid April man! Btw, I admit that I haven't visited ur blog in over a month. So tell me, whts new at ur end?
Deepanjan said…
Hey, my blog's enough to enlighten you on me and my (mis)deeds! When are you visiting India? I guess you're scheduled to be here this year, right? How are your parents? Have you folks buried the hatchet?

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