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The Mummy Week

A lot transpired over the past one week. I could have blogged on and on about them was blocked from my previous workstation and my short-term memory wouldn't last long enough. To make matters worse, I didn't (and still don't) have access to the Net from home either. Despondency had hit a peak.

There was a high-profile showdown on Friday and I was the victor. I also planned to get Net connection on my mobile but the Hutch executive mislead me by saying that my phone didn't support XHTML. I gave up when he insisted that he was sure of it even though I remained skeptical. My feature-rich phone letting me down?!! No way! This was too much of an insult. I came home to consult the manual only to learn that I was indeed right. I felt like banging the head of the executive. Will do it next month when I revisit the shop to apply for the connection.

I've been a Hotmail devotee ever since I started using the Net 9 years ago. But my loyalty to Yahoo! cannot be equalled by anything, not even Google or Hotmail. Perhaps the only useful Yahoo! product I've not used in the last 6 years is its Mail. Things changed on Thursday when I switched to Yahoo! Mail Premium. The interface is a stunner and you get disposable mail addresses, just what I've always wanted. Though relinquishing Hotmail may be impossible since I've subscribed to too many services through it, I hope to gradually migrate to Yahoo! Mail in the coming months.


Vivek said…
How much will Internet access through Hutch cost?

And did you have to pay to upgrade to Yahoo Premium?
Deepanjan said…
Net access via Hutch will cost me Rs.299 per month. Unlimited access.

Yahoo! Mail Premium cost me Rs.900 per year. It's worth it!
Vivek said…
Fantastic, both deals sound too good!

I'm getting myself a GPRS phone soon. Any idea about the browsing & download speeds?
Deepanjan said…
Simple GPRS is capable of 48 kbps while EDGE phones are capable of 256kbps. Hutch currently supports a speed of upto 115kbps...which should be more than enough.
Vivek said…
Yup, that should be good enough .... thanks.
saurabh said…

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