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Computer leaves our abode

We have a regional calendar according to which today marked the first day of the new year for the bengalis and probably a few other communities. SMSes exchanged in the morning made me aware of the special day.

Mani was scheduled to take his computer away (sigh!) and I was racing against time to complete the Frank Sinatra and Keith Jarrett downloads. To make matters slightly more complicated, the computer's CD writer wasn't working. Reddy came to my rescue a couple of days ago and lent me his 40GB external hard disk to transfer my 3.7GB downloads.

I halted the downloading in the afternoon when Mani came on his evil mission to whisk away his PC! Jarrett's downloads were over by then but Sinatra remained incomplete. Well, I can't complain. Possibly, the only good thing to have come of Mani's visit was Santosh finally visiting my dwelling after many months. It was great talking to him and I still wish my roommate of 3.5 years (not in 1 stretch) could come back.

Mani left with his computer in the evening while Santosh remained for a few more hours on my insistence. Sam visited us and the three of us had some lively discussions about life and love. Sam doesn't believe in the Theory of Evolution and the Big Bang Theory! It's nice when 3 people with different beliefs can discuss their differences amicably. The evening turned out to be very interesting for us.

I feel sad each time I look at the table and find the computer missing. I was supposed to buy a laptop by the 1st week of May but the plan has been shelved for now.


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