Friday, January 13, 2006


Thanks to Jahnvee for the suggestion. It'll take me more than a year to complete this enormous book.


-J said...

Or it'll be a good practice for you to start reading faster! I'm going to hit the library soon and start reading this book as well..been putting it off for over a year now. Oh and you're welcome!

deepanjan said...

Ma'am, I'm hurrying to complete An Equal Music by today. 80 pages to be covered...halfway through already. If the mission is accomplished-seems a definite possibility by extrapolation- it'll be a record!
Nope, A Suitable Boy should not be insulted by such frenzied reading! Seth deserves some respect. And the size of the new book is intimidating enough!
And how about buying the book? I'm pretty sure Seth's livelihood depends on the royalty he earns!

deepanjan said...

An Equal Music...completed!

radius84 said...

this reminds me of something it
was really sweet.
it was in the hindu newspaper ,
i don't remember exact stuff but
vikram seth or some author got a prize ,
some prestigious prize and he came up there with someone .
could u guess who?

no he did not come with his partner ,
i mean wife , lover or someone ,
he came up with his mom .
he was with her and it looked sweet .
there was a time when he got discouraged and his mother encouraged him .so he was pround of his mom ,
and his mom was pround of him.

anyway the author may not have been vikram seth , but he is a popular indian author , and did not look very old .writers should have beatiful thoughts , that person if he was vikram seth in the newspaper inspired me .

anyway , enjoy the book , i came upon here , saw pictures , read some blogs,
comments too and was about to leave silently when the thought of vikram seth came and i felt to leave a comment ,sorry for coming here a chance accident.

deepanjan said...

Comments are always welcome!