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Afterthought & Anticipation

Ajay leaves Bangalore tonight for a short vacation. I'll miss the bus rides with him after office. Oh yes, lunch too just got boring!
Santosh left last night for his native place and the convocation. We'll meet in our institute. It'll be great fun meeting old friends! I only wish all of our batchmates could congregate there. It's a pity life wrestles us apart.


Anonymous said…
Aah..the whirlpool of life! :p
Anonymous said…
Try this site: - Music

The clarity of the Hindi songs on this site is amazing.
Vivek said…
Hindi songs & Deep, Sam who're you kidding. Thanx for the link though.
Deepanjan said…
Thanks, Sam! Keep the URL's flowing. Streaming is not possible in our office, but I'll definitely try @ home.
And Rob, I don't really hate Hindi filmi songs. It's just that a majority of them are outrightly morbid.

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