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Eventfully Eventless

How long…just how long can my patience be tried waiting for my brilliance to be acknowledged by the world? I wake up each morning hoping long overdue recognition to finally come my way, but it always disappoints. Today was one of those days when my patience gave way to despondence and I didn't feel like getting up in the morning. And when I finally got bored of lying on my back and staring at the blank roof, I got up and went through the well practiced morning chores.

Continuing with where I had left off, I downloaded some more music. Our taps had run dry before the sun had peaked and washing the clothes was thus delayed by a few hours. Apart from the garments, I guess my room too needs a thorough wash. It's getting dirtier by the minute and the thought of even beginning to clean up the mess looks intimidating. I hope the auspicious moment comes on the 28th of this month. I'll have to muster enough courage for that.

My landlord went back on a promise he had made a few months back when I had newly shifted to my present place, though he is legally bound to keeping his word. Seeking legal recourse is not an option, but that shouldn't really pose a serious problem. When mainstream ideas fail us, secondary and tertiary ideas kick in. So I readily sought a contingency plan. It didn't disappoint.

Manilal and his fellow BITians are scheduled to leave for Ranchi on the 27th. Satya will be the only one to stay back, but that's because he's not from our institute. It'll be terribly boring without these guys. I get my daily dose of entertainment just looking at how well these people have settled into a life of cooperative existence. Cooking, coding in Java, cracking jokes, reading the newspaper aloud, cleaning the floor, receiving and forwarding SMSes, making frequent trips to the kirana tea stall, constantly blaring music form their computers, surfing the Net and dexterously applying for hundreds of jobs via copy-pasting, they do it all.

I called up the HSBC guys in the evening to quiz them about the status of my credit card's PIN. It was supposed to show up 2 days after my card reached me. It didn't...and I waited for a week. No luck. I phoned and asked them to send me the elusive PIN. They promised to get it delivered within a week's time. I waited a fortnight. No luck. My calling them today revealing their having screwed up yet again. They got my address right the first time. However, a week later, 15th Main had uncannily changed to 5th. I couriered a mail mentioning the correct address. This time around they rectified the problem…and inserted some new ones! 2nd floor and 17th Cross now went missing! Do these people use vanishing ink? Hope is what keeps me going.

Anyway, I burnt some newly downloaded tracks to a CD at night. They're awesome. The modern classical guitar compositions were absolutely fantastic. Even Anand couldn't help raving about them. I managed to cover a few pages of my book before drifting off to slumberland.


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