Tuesday, September 07, 2010

London Nostalgia


It’s 7:29 pm in Montreal as I listen to a Schubert symphony on BBC.

I miss London real bad. UK was picture-perfect, literally flawless.

Montreal is a stark-contrast. Traffic rules are rampantly broken, I saw more beggars here in a week than I saw in UK in a year, great expanses of land are unkempt, some of the buildings are shockingly shabby and people generally lack the etiquettes I imagined all Westerners possessed.

In spite of all these flaws, Montreal has a rather quaint old-world charm to it.


gurdas said...

"literally flawless", appears to be fueled by more than an objective analysis. Are you really missing London or the fact that your love is in London?
Your description of Montreal makes it sound like a city in a developing country. I hope the locals are not reading your blog!

Deepanjan said...

Montreal, to me, is Canada's Kolkata! Except that Kolkata isn't full of pubs!

I have a hard time explaining things in English to the locals here! I wonder that they would make out of my blog if ever they stumbled across it.

Asha said...

After 2 years when u will leave Montreal, you will have tears as there will be some life long gains and wonderful memories and that's going to last long. Those shabby buildings will have some meaning and beauty for you- I can bet you. Then I will show you this post. I'm really proud of you.