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DELL Support...A Misnomer

Two guys from the support team came to my place today to fix the laptop. They were absolute amateurs and remained clueless about the problem. Yet again the guesswork began to blame a component and this time they chose the graphics card. They also wanted to target the motherboard but I protested saying that it was already held culprit the last time...and changed. They weren't convinced. If they said it was the motherboard, it HAD to be the motherboard, come what may! After fidgeting with Andromeda for almost 2 hours, they professed helplessness...and left! You can teach catwalking to a donkey, but you can't teach common sense to tech support originating in India.

It's time for me to turn spiritual and drown the agony.


Anonymous said…
I am tempted to ask for a problem description. At a cost, I might solve it to your satisfaction.

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