Thursday, November 22, 2007

I've Wondered

For a newborn, the head-to-body ratio is 1:4. For an adult, it's 1:8. The eyes are the only organ that don't grow in size.


I've often wondered if growing up makes things look smaller to us. Does it? As a child, I feared my favourite possessions apparently shrinking as I continued my march towards attaining adulthood! If we compare the world around us against ourselves, then this would definitely be true. But I'm not sure if this is how we perceive real world sizes. Very intriguing.


Schubert streams a familiar impromptu via AOL Radio as I type this post. He often wore round glasses - just like the Mahatma. Just remembered.


I need to get my head checked!


saurabh said...

Here is Joey's take on how we percieve size:

F.R.I.E.N.D.S. The One With All The Rugby
[Scene: The park, everyone is warming up for the rugby game. ]

Joey: Ross-Ross-Ross-Ross! Stay away from that guy (Points), and that guy (Points). And that one—Dude! They’re all huge!

Ross: They don’t look any bigger than me!

Joey: Well, maybe that’s because you’re closer to you. So you look bigger to you from where you are.

Deepanjan said...

Very entertaining! Just what I needed to pull me out of my self-inflicted perplexion! Thanks!

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