Sunday, July 08, 2007

Saxophone screws Saxophone

Recording multiple sessions on an MP3 CD can be very unpredictable. I burned a few Boots Randolph tracks and it ended up screwing a Dexter Gordon folder, more specifically - the mp3 file extension for all the Gordon tracks.

My CD player now skips the corrupted folder and the only way to play the tampered files is to copy them to my hard disk and renaming them with the .mp3 extension.



Vivek said...

Were 2 different versions of Nero involved?

saurabh said...

if they are as good as u claim, why dont u copy the whole CD content in hard disk, rename the required ones and write on a fresh CD (in one session)...

Deepanjan said...

To Rob:

Gordon was burned via Nero a long time back. This time the same version of Nero refused to accept the CD (it threw tantrums for a blank CD)! All my CD's are recorded as multi-session disks. So I don't know why Nero was acting so cranky. It even refused to show me the files on the disk.

I was left with no option but to use an alternative, Free Easy Burner. It did the job, but also extracted a pound of flesh!

To Sittu:

I've already though on those lines and will be doing exactly that! I can't sacrifice Gordon at any cost.