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Applying the brakes...yet again

One of my resolutions for the current year was to reduce the frequency of posts in my blog. I was doing fine until April. The old affliction surfaced once again after that and I was back to my usual blabbery self. Mantu's buying the laptop aggravated the situation beyond comprehension.

I think I've already blogged more than I had spoken during all my years as a school goer! It's time for me to retard once again. I must get a life and stop the running commentary. Nobody listens anyway!


saurabh said…
dude, seriously, getting comments only from guys isnt indicative of "Nobody listens anyway!"...
what say rob?
Vivek said…
You think Deep's gonna pay any heed to what you say C2? For him, a babe's smiley is worth any guy's homily!
Deepanjan said…
Viv knows best!

And I'm pretty much aware of some of the ladies who have gone thru my blog...though they don't publicly comment. They scrutinize everything with such diligence, I'm actually relieved when they decide to quit.

Like someone from Mumbai decided to vote for the Taj after reading my indignant post on the barrage of ads. prodding us to. It's another matter that my intention in writing the article was just the opposite!

Every action has a harder reaction!

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