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The penultimate day

The day began with the wonders of being online via SMS being reinforcing again. Jahnvee, always a prized catch on MSN IM, caught me online (via SMS) instead and began chatting. I was still reclining and answering by furiously punching messages on my mobile was proving difficult. She suggested I come online (meaning via desktop YIM) and I complied to continue from where we had left.

Many things were discussed. She's now contemplating returning to blogosphere (I've been begging for it!) and also reckoned the quality of my blog had plummeted vis-a-vis last year. I concurred. I was more thoughtful in my posts in 2005 while taking to mechanically churning daily chronicles in 2006 with little or no element of introspection involved. The quality shows.

Our messages had to be cut short when I had to leave to pay my quarterly LIC premium.

Afternoon time was siesta time.

It's late evening now and I must wash the utensils for dinner...but not before I watch the just-downloaded Episode 7 from The Wonder Years!


Sangeeta Iyer said…
Hi! I love the Wonder years too! Downloaded season 1 and 2 and lovvvvved it even more
Deepanjan said…
I've got the entire Season 1 while Season 2 is being currently downloaded. It's a pity that I don't have the time to download all the episodes.

Maybe some other time!
Anonymous said…
thank you for coming online the other day..I really enjoyed our chat :) btw..this is the first time you've mentioned me in your blog! just took a note of it ;)
Deepanjan said…
J, your name has been mentioned in my blog previously!

Do me a favor. If Zoya is within reach, beat her up! She didn't reply to my mail.
Anonymous said…
You'll have to point it out to me!! And Zoya isn't around..I left her a long voicemail on new year's eve. I don't think she's in town..which isn't a surprise
Deepanjan said…
I can't point it out! I'll drown into my blog bog!
Zoya's flirting with her boyfriend and celebrating her mom's b'day! That blondie is living a charmed life!

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