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Adios 2006

There are two moments each year that starkly bifurcate optimists from pessimists:
  1. Birthdays
  2. New Year's Day
Birthdays are pretty evenly distributed throughout the year and so people's belonging to either of the camps isn't too conspicuous. Notwithstanding the different timezones, it's the advent of the New Year that easily makes the discrimination evident since it happens all at once. Being pessimistic isn't nearly as bad as it sounds. If the optimist invented the aeroplane, we needed the pessimist to invent the parachute.

Yet it's very apparent that people have more reasons to celebrate than to despair. The reasons are overwhelming and there's something infectious in the air that's impossible to beat when even absolute strangers come forward to wish you and make merry. We need alibis to break into a frenzied frolic. We need fresh beginnings to invent such alibis. We need the New Year to mark the onset of such beginnings.

Personally speaking, 2006 was nowhere as tumultuous as its predecessor. It's New Year's Eve yet again as I write this post and it's time to reminisce on the many things that happened this year. Thanks to my blog, my atrociously defunct memory is no longer a bane at such pensive moments!

SMSes, emails, egreetings, telephonic conversations and personal wishes have all trooped in unison to get the message across: bid adieu to 2006 and gleefully hug 2007. It's going to be yet another great year worth wading through and assimilating all the labyrinthine experiences.

But time's running out. Lemme hurriedly browse through my posts for 2006 before the celebrations at home kick in!



Anonymous said…
I had someone write this verse for me more than a year back:

"Johnvee is so cool
She almost makes me drool
But I'm only a fool
No better than a mule"

And here we are :) Wishing you a very happy new year Deep!
Deepanjan said…
Wish u the same, precious Jahnvee!
Anonymous said…
thank you..thank you *blushes*

It's time for me to get off the chair now and get myself hired asap..wish me luck!

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