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I was so close!

A lot of Digging has helped me come across some very interesting stuff on the Net. Stumbling across two cracks for's DRM protected free music downloads was one of them. Of course, the folks at ALLOFMP3 have been in the news for a long time for its confrontational stance against the media bigwigs, payment gateways, governments, ISP's...well, the list is virtually endless. I'm sure they couldn't afford a crack adding to their woes.

I downloaded an mp3x (mp3 with DRM) file yesterday while queuing a host of albums to be downloaded later. The two cracks that were downloaded were a real pain and I ran out of patience trying to make them work yesterday. I finally figured out today how one of them works and was about to crack the DRM when I realized that ALLOFMP3 was now forcing a patch to its audio player (only through which can you play its mp3x files) which renders the crack useless.

All my fantasies of owning some great albums for free are now up in flames! Well, it was too good to last anyway. I was expecting the ALLOFMP3 guys to spring into action soon, though not this soon!


Anonymous said…
I dont understand why anyone would want to try to get music free from allofmp3. they sell the music cheap and at affordable prices.
I would rather buy from allofmp3 than try to get it illegally.

it upsets me when poeple do this.
allofmp3 have enough problems as it is.
people should work with allofmp3 to make every one, the countries to accept them, instead of trying to shut them down.
its about time they set a new stat of how music is purchased.
Deepanjan said…
You've got it absolutely right! But the lure of a free lunch can't be undermined.

ALLOFMP3 has been at odds with the recording industry and faces a daunting task ahead since many of its practices are suspicious at best.

My take on the whole mess is that its days are numbered.

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