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Getting away from it all

I'm tired of all the mess that life is amassing on me. I need a break...and what can be better than a trip to Kolkata which may even include a brief detour to Jamshedpur.

I hope to spill the beans (not all of them!) when I'm back in Bangalore on the 24th.
Farewell till then!


Anonymous said…
d abode of d bengalies ,hv a good time bengali .
Vivek said…
Where art thou, O Deep?
Anonymous said…
Deep sala Kolkata me hote huay bhi hamse mimlne naih aaya hai abhi tak. Nishthur chelle Deep. :)
Anonymous said…
shaadi ka plan hain kya :) ...sid
Vivek said…
See, none of ur female so-called friends miss you.

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