Sunday, November 17, 2019

The end of an era

I remember how excited I was when I bought my first domain ( in 2007. It was like owning a priceless property on the Internet. I renewed my domain in 2013 for 10yrs. The asking price from GoDaddy was good and I had no complaints with the way they had handled my domain. 

But the prices for GoDaddy domains began to skyrocket alarmingly and this attracted a lot of bad press for them. The premium they charged seemed exorbitant and they didn't even offer user privacy protection for free. Google had by then jumped into the fray. Like all of their other products, Google Domains was simple, elegant and user-friendly. They also threw in free user privacy. All this coaxed me into making the switch from GoDaddy to Google today.

I was a bit jittery because I use G Suite to handle my domain email addresses and I didn't want anything to mess things up. Thankfully, the transfer was smooth and most the DNS records now appeared within Google...except for my subdomains. As a precaution, I had recorded all these entries from GoDaddy prior to the transfer just in case. It proved to be a wise decision. I manually entered the missing records and everything seems to be fine now. My mails seem to be working fine.

Just for comparison, my domain would cost me $18 from GoDaddy and $12 from Google with free privacy.

Correction: When I had bought my domain for the first time, it was through Yahoo. But they dropped a bomb later by suddenly by quadrupling the cost. I took my business elsewhere and transferred to GoDaddy.

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