Saturday, June 11, 2016

Christina Grimmie is dead

I won't pretend I was familiar with the name. I wasn't. Christina Grimmie was a rising YouTube star, one of the many people who gained quick fame due to the fact that the Internet empowers people to reach far and wide without a marketing push. People sat up and took notice of the talented singer. She didn't need an entire army of musicians and back-up singers to carry her through. The keyboard was enough. She deserved all the accolade. This is even more commendable when I see the number of vanity-filled wannabe stars trying their luck at talent shows. I'm surprised the judges have managed not to slip into coma after years and years of mental assault with their talentless performances. Christina Grimmie was sheer talent. The world was warming up to her treating her just right.

But something did go tragically wrong for her. Someone pulled the trigger at a concert and killed her before turning the gun on himself and meeting the same fate. Now I have no trouble accepting people's right to end their own life. You have every right to end your miserable life if you so desire. In fact, I'll go to the extent of endorsing euthanasia in the developed world. It would be subject to abuse in the developing world, thus my reservations.

But you have no right to kill someone else, no matter what the reason, the only exception being self-defense. Which is why I have a problem with American gun control policies. Some people will always be crazy and do stupid things, pulling the trigger for instance. And when buying a gun over-the-counter is as easy as taking a bath, innocent people will keep falling victim to the delusions of the crazy. History repeats itself only because we choose not to learn from it.

Christina Grimmie, all of 22, had her beautiful life cut short. If there is life after death, Christina, I hope you're at peace.

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