Saturday, February 06, 2010

Replying to a Question

The Question

My Reply:
An organization protests Mother Teresa being honored with a US postal stamp and you hit back with a belligerent punchline. 'Protesting' and 'attacking' are the same thing to you? Even a mere dissident voice is construed as an attack on faith? Might I ask what's your Tolerance Quotient? Well, I have seen enough religious tolerance all over the world and was wondering just how well the atheists measure up against your camp's exemplary track record. If Hitler's anti-Semitism and Islamic fundamentalism are anything to go by, atheists have at least the right to voice their opinion and peacefully protest without outraging the likes of you. Wouldn't you agree?

By the way, I'm a very proud atheist from India.

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Gurdit said...

I don't think his question is so much about this one particular incident as it is about the reaction of atheists towards people who believe in God in general. :)

While in this particular situation, a protest would by no means be the same as an attack, the kind of posts and general sentiment that I have seen many times on blogs and forums online is nothing short of "extremism".

Also, let there not be any chance of any misunderstanding. :)
I'm not saying that all atheists are like that. All I'm saying is that there are "extremist" atheists, just like there are extremist religious fanatics.